Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday............Friday - Do Tuesday -Thursday EXIST????

The weeks fly by.
I am in a blur.
More like a dream.
Unity Design Team Member Christi Snow had these posted early in the week.
I fell in LOVE.
When my boys open these for Christmas that will be the final hint I have LOST it!
But I AM going to make these. I love them and I will find all 120 I intend to make a home.
Thanks Christi! (creator extraordinaire)
Thanks Lindsay! (artist extraordinaire)
November Kit of the Month
"Enjoy your Story.....Laugh"
Artists: Kristine Bents - Lindsay Spencer - Lisa Hetrick - Adrianna Bennet
You have till November 30th to SIGN UP and get this kit for only $24.oo.
Sign up TODAY and get ONE PAST kit for the price of $24.00
Another FAB FIND!
Latisha! I love this!

Gretchen! You won the POLL!
Way to go!

email to claim the prize shown below!
THANK YOU to TINKERING INK for DONATING an amazing amount of PRIZES!!!!

Unity has a ZUND CUTTER!
*****All the way from SWITZERLAND*****
Prepare yourself for GREATNESS from the HOME OF UNITY!
This machine is amazing.
It has ARRIVED - and it will be PUT TO USE!
More information SOON!

THANK YOU Linda AKA: Hotwheels
THANK YOU Ashley: HeartsHugsDesigns
who took the time to send in CARDS FOR THE TROOPS!
So very, very generous!

How sweet is this picture.
That much SWEETER once you have seen the Movie!

The Saga Begins.....
Tommy drove us 6 blocks to Twins Spins in his Cargo Van.
{We all brought our ticket and our blankets}
Geez. You would think I was 17 or something! Thank goodness I am NOT!
These events are WAY MORE FUN at 35.

...when you have such AMAZING Friends to share them with!
{missed you Nic and Chris!}
They were in WISCONSIN learning to RUN the ZUND!

Triple "H"
Hip Hop Hangover!
Visit these people and leave them your LOVE!
Stampin With Julie
Happiness Is. . .
My Growing IN Unity Gal for the PAST WEEK

That is amazing!
The list of Unity CREATORS a la' ULTRA TALENTED is growing!
I am going to go look at ALL of them!
Leave some LOVE for one another!


SUNDAY Afternoon TWILIGHT Review:

WHAT: A little review party on TWILIGHT
WHEN: Late Sunday Afternoon
I will be there unless I am at the MOVIE (again)
WHERE: Unity Splitcoast Forum
{I will start a SUNDAY CHAT thread}
Just for fun - Nothing formal!

"Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble, even. That ought to count for something."
Bella Swan, Twilight, Preface, p.1


Enjoy your day!

1/2 Hour left of FREE SHIPPING!


Amy said...

I'm first?!?...WOW..Looks like you had so much fun, I can't wait to go see it!!..It makes me feel all gooey just thinking about look at all those cards for the troops..thanks so much for coordinating to go fire up my blender and check out the hungover chicks..:)

Amy said...

ohhh and I am so coming to the Twilight party...Yiiipppeee!!..
2 comments on one post..sheesh..yeah I'm a stalker

Christi Snow said...

Hey sweet girl!! Your boys will all look so handsome carrying those bags to school. ;o) LOL! You are a hoot...120, huh?

I am so jealous that you girls already got to see Twilight...I am going to see if I can make a date with my teen for over the holiday weekend. Twilight party, I am there...

Will check out the ever-so-talented hangover gals later this afternoon...after I finish my day 7 project. *eek!*

HapEMomE said...

Christi! I love what you did with the stamps! WOW!!!!!! Angela, you, Eryn and Brooke are SO cute! Love the pics! Congrats to the winner! Great cards everyone!

KAP said...

Having lots of fun at your twilight showing! Left love on some hangover blogs! Had lots of fun yesterday. Thanks Angela!

Ashley said...

CUTE pictures! $5?!?!? For a movie ticket? You know, we pay like $12 here right? That's insane!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

CONGRATS to Gretchen!!! And sure looks like you all had the most wonderful Girl's Nite Out!!!!! I'm so glad you got some fun time!!!

Latisha said...

How fun you went with your girls and saw the movie. I plan on going with my best freind (since we were 14) when I go home for Thanksgiving...I got her hooked on the books.
Off to check out some of the hangover blogs.
i'm so happy to hear you like my card :)
~have a great weekend!
are you seriously going to make 120 bags? That would take me forever lol

Shemaine said...

Whew! it took me all day but I left love on every blog listed! i had a great time as always. Love the challenges as always!

Maynes-Watt-Hayes Family said...

Wow twilight was just amazingly fabulous! now i really want to read my book thats been sitting here for a while!
Oh and i can't believe our ticket was only 5 bucks! mines was 9.50!!
See you at the Twilight chat!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

I can't wait to see what that big machine does! It looks LARGE!!!! Looks like you had fun.

awendybird said...

So I went to see it this morning with my daughter her two friends and my friend. OMGosh I LOVED it! I would have gone to see it right away again if I could have afforded the ticket and the time. Love love love love it!

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