TONS OF SPECIALS for HHT! Till Friday NOON Central

I just have to start by saying THIS....LESS THAN 24 hours till "Twilight"
*this is me squealing with delight!*
Twin Spins Cinema
Spicer, MN.
Back to HIP HOP!
Who doesn't LOVE a FREE CUP of their FAVORITE Hot Beverage?
No need to do ANYTHING except place an order OVER $25.00!
The Unity Girls will put a FREE STAMP in your order!
{which stamp you get will be decided at Unity - please, no choices}

In celebration of the BIG MOVIE PREMIERE!


to see the SENTIMENTS on sale that match!

Simply said, THIS would be a great CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Let it be known - this is my LEAST FAVORITE Unity set!
I was busted by my customers last HIP HOP - they put me on the spot and I came CLEAN!
I have put it on sale to have you CHANGE MY MIND!

THIS hardly EVER HAPPEN! But guess what! We have a few little stamps that NEED HOMES. For some reason we have WAY MORE of the stamps above in inventory than others!
So I have made these little un-mounted, pre-cut, mounted on cling foam red rubber into SINGLES FOR Hip Hop ONLY!
Get them till NOON on Friday!
Then not again!

This stamp is almost as long as my FOOT! I wear size 7 shoe.
It is big....maybe even on the side of GIGANTIC!
You could make GREAT CHRISTMAS Decor with this with some creative imagination...
AND if you do....I WANT TO SEE IT!
This things would be no less than $20.00 if found on a MAPLE MOUNT in a store!

You can mix and match these sentiments. They are on the larger side and would be WONDERFUL to use in making your THANK YOU cards for CHRISTMAS GIFTS.
Get them for your kids, put them in the stocking and have them STAMP AWAY their THANK YOU Cards!

This is the SISTER of Distressed Dots.
These are full solid dots.
Ready to STAMP AWAY!

Artist: Lisa Hetrick
We love her.
Here are a couple NEW ONES from Lisa!
Lucky Journal Box!
Great for the Scrapbooker in you!
Only $7.00.
You could use it for a journal.
For a GIFT to put all the reasons you feel LUCKY!
If you are a published CREATOR....this would be a GREAT STAMP to use for UPCOMING Calls on St. Patty's Day! {or are we too late?}

I don't need to say a thing!
Snowmen SPEAK for themselves!
We LOVE them all!

So that is HIP HOP! I will post more later!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25 till NOON Friday!
Coupon Code:
{all one word, all capitals}
Can NOT be combined with any other discounts.

IF you decide to JOIN THE Kit of the Month TODAY....
You qualify to purchase ONE OTHER PAST KIT for $24.00


FIRST: Sign up HERE.
SECOND: Send an email to with the PAST KIT OF THE MONTH choice that you would like.
THIRD: She will send you an invoice via PAYPAL.

{in order to qualify for a PAST Kit of the Month for the amount of $24.00 you will HAVE to sign up for the Kit of the Month. Signing up today will qualify you for the NOVEMBER Kit. You will get the NOVEMBER KIT and the KIT OF YOUR CHOICE shipped to you in ONE SHIPMENT}

I hope you participate in HHH.
Friday is Hip Hop Hangover. If you post UNITY on your BLOG - email me.
I will include YOUR BLOG in my list of participants on FRIDAY!


We had a small delay.
We will be shipping those in the next TWO DAYS.
My apologies!
We are plugging away.
Thanks for your understanding and TERRIFIC PATIENCE!


We love these people!
They have a fabulous storage system for stamps!
Click on the link above to view them!
We are GIVING ONE Starter System AWAY today!
I am sure that Susan will be starting a thread in the SCS Forum.
We will announce when she does her give away, there!


NOW let's HIP HOP!
My amazing Design Team has put together some AMAZING works of art.
Start here at
Natalie's Blog

Enjoy Hip Hop!