SMAK Saturday with Camille

Happy SMAK Saturday!

It’s Camille here today to share with you a 10-x-8-inch mixed media canvas I made using this month’s SMAK Kit.

SMAK kits are perfect for mixed media projects, art journals, scrapbook layouts, AND cards, too! Angeline made a card last week using October’s SMAK Kit.

On this canvas, I layered the stamps on top of tissue paper and various other mediums. Take a look at all the photos I captured at different angles, etc . . .

Did you see it? With all the pictures I took of the above canvas, I hope so.

Here's the kit I used—I think I used approximately 9 stamps from the kit on the 1 canvas above. I wasn't even trying to use a lot. It just happened.

For more info on the SMAK kit, click HERE.

What are the benefits of being a SMAK Kit Member?
You get an exclusive set of stamps delivered to your door EVERY MONTH at an Exclusive Membership price.
You receive a free gift every month with your kit!
You get $6.95 off all your orders over $25.00, all month long.  The discount code will come with your kit each month.
You can purchase ANY past SMAK Kit for the membership price of $20 + shipping. As opposed to $45 + shipping, which is the cost for non-members to purchase past Kits.

What is the cost of the SMAK?
$26 plus $5 Shipping for U.S. {$12 Canada & International Shipping}

What kind of stamps are these?
Red Rubber at its BEST! Unity manufactures ALL their own stamps RIGHT AT Unity Stamp Company! Made RIGHT HERE in the good ol’ USA. Each stamp is pre-cut perfectly by our SWISS CNC machine. The stamps are mounted on cling foam – and can be used with ANY acrylic block! You will LOVE them! Ask our current customers!

THANKS for stopping by, and I HOPE you use this SMAK Kit! A LOT!