Unity Stamp Company Design Team Call - IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!

DISCLAIMER - Because I FEEL the same way i did LAST TIME i had a DT Call - 

Recently SOME VERY amazing girls are FLYING with their Dreams...and needing to move on from our Unity Design Team.

My girls are all so sweet, and concerned, and compassionate and appreciative  - when they say they gotta go.  
 It is always so BITTERSWEET. 
I am so HAPPY with the beautiful changes in their lives.  I am so sad - they won't be part of our daily life anymore. 
...and i miss them already.


i like to keep my girls forever and ever.
as long as they will have ME. :) 
which has worked AMAZING. 
'cause i love them.

AFTER 6 - nearly 6 years - i still have some of my ORIGINAL gals on my team.
way back from 2008.
like i said - 
i keep my girls forever and ever.
as long as they will have ME. :) 

I am SO GRATEFUL for my team.... 

they have put BOTH their creative energy out there for unity CONSISTENTLY as well as
made a PERSONAL INVESTMENT into unity.
they are supportive and sweet
they are tolerant and flexible.
they go with the flow.
and they WORK HARD on VERY SHORT and spur of the moment WHIMS of mine.
they go above and beyond when their lives allow it.
they do JUST what is expected when life gets busy.
i love that.


i'm tellin' ya - i APPEAR organized.
i TRY to be organized.
sometimes i AM organized.
but as a whole - we just have FUN and we make pretty stuff.
with a schedule put together each month by my ultra sweet and organized Lisa Arana.

i am very flexible.
family, and life comes FIRST always.
however - i do always HOPE AND EXPECT the best. 
you are here to PROMOTE UNITY.
i expect that.

i tolerate only kindness and compassion within the team.
that is what we have now.
nobody on our team keeps "track" of each other.
we live in an adult world of ZERO comparisons of WHO is doing what.
we support one another.
encourage one another.
enjoy one another.

if one gal makes 10 projects a month, cause her creative FLOW is there.
and one gal does JUST what she is scheduled to do {no more, no less} - I LOVE THAT.

so i guess to sum it all up.
don't expect ANYTHING CONSISTENT of me as the owner of unity.

don't expect ANYTHING of your fellow unity design team members.
JUST EXPECT of yourself. 
no keeping track. no drama. 
i won't allow it for ONE MINUTE.
Take the opportunity of being on the Unity Design Team and RUN WITH IT.

....cause i PROMISE you - great things will happen for those that take the time to USE this position and FLY.
{i encourage flying, just so you know}

ALL I HAVE EVER wanted is  
to help people make their dreams come true, along side my own.
If I get to have a small part in that....it makes me SO HAPPY!

this isn't the normal design team call is it? 

i should just get to the nitty gritty point.

Pretty Simple.

So we are going to run this DESIGN TEAM call in a VERY LAID back manner. 
Sweet and Simple.

I know that there are SEVERAL of you that are on other teams. 

I know this is BACKWARDS - but I am going to be UPFRONT with what I am NOT LOOKING FOR.
{please be honest with yourself when reading my thoughts below}

 please don't apply if you are not up for spontaneous requests!
please don't apply if you run on rigid schedules and numerous TIGHT deadlines.
please don't apply if you expect me to be weeks - even days ahead of things.
please don't apply if you only do well with a leader, we are ALL leaders on the team.
please don't apply if you are not flexible.
please don't apply if you love drama. {please, please, please don't!!!}

hee, hee.
please don't apply if you expect EVERYONE on the team to do the SAME amount of work.
please don't apply if you ask a million questions about every request i make.

i KNOW what i want, when i want it - NOT MONTHS ahead of time.
most times only days.

you want to be challenged.
have fun.
have opportunity.
partake in warm friendly women that have formed this team.
enjoy your creativity - 
work within a group.
love change.

can work with digis

this is getting long.


  1. Mixed Media/Scrapbooking/Card Making individuals {dually talented} - {2 gals{
  2. Card Making GURUS - using DIGIS - on a last minute basis - hee, hee - {2 gals}
If your BIGGEST concern is what my expectations are once you are on my team - you most likely will not like the way we operate.

I will say this.

I would love as MANY projects from you that promote our Kit of the Month, SMAK KIT, Stamp of the week, Layers of Life, Co-Brands, Unity Kits -  that your little heart desires to make.

I want you to follow the Unity Design Team Calendar - and participate in Blog Posts on the Unity Blog and your OWN Blog.
{narrows down to 3-5 posts per month - MORE if you choose}

I want you to submit to publications so that Unity graces the pages of all our AMAZING publications in this industry.

I want you to LOVE EVERY MINUTE of being on the team.

So if you are a go with the flow sort of gal.
that makes REALLY PRETTY creations.

Unity is for YOU.

I want to see YOU put UNITY into action.

Here is how to apply.

Send me an email to dtcall@unitystampco.com with your BLOG ADDRESS.
{blog required}

Also please include 4 of YOUR FAVORITE creations USING UNITY STAMPS.
{you can LINK ME UP - or send photos}

One paragraph about YOU.
'cause above the CREATIVITY - who YOU are as a person matters JUST AS MUCH to me.

Please keep in mind how extremely busy we are with our small/big company.
I will do my BEST to answer any questions you have.

Please also remember that my decision is not based on our past friendship, it is not based on "who you are" in the industry, it is not based on HOW MANY TEAMS you have been on or "who you know" - it will be based on how I FEEL you will fill the position by adding to the style that I want within the team, AND adding to the team as a person. :)  this will be hard for me, because i know that no matter what there will be people that will be hurt  by not being chosen.  please be sure not to take my final decision personally if you are not chosen.  that is precisely the reason i stay away from these design team calls.
i know that i am going to make 4 people very happy and that others very sad.  
i don't like that very much.
{i wish i could do a blind call - but from where i sit that would be nearly impossible.}

here we go anyway.
i am tossing it up to fate and taking a deep breath!

the end. :) 

my email.


looking forward to hearing from you! :) 

We will announce our choices on March 13, 2014
Submission Deadline:
March 6, 2014