Stampin' Store Kit FOUND HERE!

is celebrating HER 30th Birthday!
She is in for a treat!
30's are the BEST!
No WAIT...
ERYN is the BEST!
I just love, love, love her.

She is accepting of EVERYONE.
She is light hearted and sweet.
She has a vibrant energy about her that makes you just plain HAPPY.
Her laugh is INTOXICATING.
She has zero expectations of her friendships - she just loves YOU for YOU.
She works SUPER HARD...and puts tons of effort into everything she does.
Eryn, I am SO appreciative of your friendship and your presence in my life.
THANK YOU for everything you do!
Love Ya!
HAPPY 30th Birthday Beautiful Woman!
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OCTOBER'S Stampin' Store Kit

Because we LOVE GIVING things AWAY
There is BLOG CANDY chosen off ONE OF THESE GIRLS Blogs.
100 RANDOM Unity Stamps!
Grab Bag!
It's a mystery WHICH BLOG it will be chosen from so pay some love to each one of these lovely ladies!
Enjoy the HOP!


The Stampin' Store Kit is SOLD ONLY IN STORES.
It is NOT available on the Unity Website.
You can CLICK HERE to find the stores that carry this adorable kit.