Feel the Joy! It is HIP HOP!


Welcome to Hip Hop!
Another day of fun.
WE are focusing our Hip Hop Blog Hop around
"Feeling the Joy"
In celebration of the stamp below that is releasing!
Courtesy of Lindsay Spencer
Beautiful Artist for Unity.
{love this girl}
Is this stamp AMAZING?
The possibilities are endless.

As you take a look through the Blogs - I have asked the Design Team to share a little about what brings them JOY.
I am sure it will be entertaining to peek into each of their lives as they share their
Creativity and Inspirational Projects.

Obviously - We are going to hear A TON about the JOY our families bring ALL OF US - and I share that;
Nic, Luke, James, Sawyer and my AMAZING husband Christian -
bring me more JOY than I could have dreamed for myself.
I remember as a teenager I made the comment to my Mom.
"MY LUCK...I will have ALL BOYS someday"
Voila! Don't I have the BEST LUCK EVER!
Here they are BRIGHT and Beautiful as steady reminders of how brilliant this life is.
Perfect plan for me. Boys. I adore them.
Yep, Pretty Much they define JOY.
The Best Kind.
5 more things that bring me JOY?
Bubble Baths
Well written entertaining NOVELS
{wink, wink}
Fire Flies
{nothing like a warm summer night with my back yard filled with Fire Flies - Random but true}
Pretty Inspirational Projects made with UNITY
{of course}
friends. family.
a given. but need to SAY IT!
belly laughs
especially from little teenie tiny baby's and big burly CHRIS!
my faith.
simple enough!
What brings you joy?
i hope you give it a moment of thought today.
perhaps if you have a moment you could SHARE!
JEANNE Streiff
Have Fun!
Find Joy.