What inspires you?

Hi Peeps!!
I love it when it's my turn on Inspiration Wednesday!  
I am easily inspired most of the time and I love that!

 Jolande inspired me so much during her visit!  They made everything look so easy in their videos didn't they?  I had this stamp set on my desk and then I saw what Sue Wisniewski put on FaceBook and I knew right away what I needed to do!  
 Isn't this lovely?  See those little pumpkins peeking out on top?  That even inspired my picture prop LOL
 My daughter's cat follows me everywhere I go now that she has moved to college *SOB*  I thought photobombing Cali was so adorable I couldn't just crop her out!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Bes ure to look for inspiration on our blog and our facebook page!  So much talent!  
Have a beautiful day! 

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