Soar Bravely

Hi Peeps!  It is Noelle posting today!!
I am so happy to be here and so happy to have this particular post!
Who can resist blowing on a wish stick?  Add a couple of butterflies and I am in love!

I have an adorable story I can't resist sharing!  On Thursday my daughter and I were walking from school and there are some overgrown bushes that honestly scare me to death.  I once saw an enormous spider on them.  So I always get in the street to get past them.  Carlee usually does too.  On Thursday she changed her mind in mere seconds as she yelled "LOOK MOM!!!!  THESE GET A 2ND CHANCE TO BE BLOWN!!"  She didn't even need to bend over and pluck her wish stick from the grass.  They were stuck in the bushes everywhere and she just blew and wished like crazy. *so sweet*

If you have not had a chance to sign up for Uniquely Unity I highly suggest you do so this month!  It is only $14.99 and you get a gorgeous stamp set every month in the mail!! 
Did you see this?
There is a sale going on for Labor Day weekend!  Happy Shopping!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, we sure appreciate it! 

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