Welcome to DT Tuesday!

Hello Peeps!!
I love this quote for a couple of reasons.  
Something good does happen every day!
It's the little things that are so good in my opinion!
If you make a Traveler's Notebook you can remember those little things forever!

My sister and brother-in-law gave me my cover and this past weekend my sister and I got busy!  OH MY GOSH this is so much fun!!
 A good blogger would have removed this notebook to get a perfect picture.
disclaimer: I do not qualify as a good blogger.  Please excuse my fingers LOL
I absolutely adore slapping stuff on all the covers, inside and out!  
This page uses Shiny Little Soul
We even made laminated dashboards!!
Morgan Girl is MY Girl, did you know that? She is moving away for college this year and I am dying a little inside. Luckily she will be less than 2 hours away!  Phew!
I tried stamping in my notebooks and often times my page is bumpy on the other side so it isn't working all that well.  I decided to spruce up some old Project Life cards because I love to use washi in my notebooks.  I can write on both sides and just tape one side and flip it over!  Then I get stamps and washi and triple the writing space!
 Happy Happy Joy Joy
 Hello New Life
Your Smile
{Planner Gal} You Got This
 Fairy Dust
Be Better Birdie 
 Hugs, Kisses & Birthday Wishes
{Planner Gal} Be A Beauty
Now, Michelle has stamped like a champ in her planner!  I LOVE IT!!!
Here, she used SMAK 12/16 Living Each Day
I hope I can get my notebooks to look half this good!  Thank you so much for stopping by today!
We sure appreciate it!

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