KOTM Monday!!!

You've seen it right??
It's Going To Be Beautiful
It is AMAZING as usual!!

Butterflies, owls AND hearts OH MY!!!
 The owls are so cute I can't even believe it!!
 This darling flower is really just a public service announcement sadly LOL  It was super cute and the stem really is not fluorescent like the camera makes it appear.  However the glimmer mist is all over it in giant globs.  I sprayed it a couple of times and nothing happened.   So my brain told my hand to give it a shake.  That was a very poor choice. It went everywhere.  Don't shake Glimmer Mist after you have sprayed it.  I am not sure where the sprays were stored but they exploded out of there. LOL

KOTM is only $37. for a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of rubber.  I have never met a KOTM before that I didn't love! You can get all the past kits at a GREAT price once you are a member!!  Only $26.  Plus every month you get a coupon code for $6.95 off of every order!!
Plus a big sheet of red rubber every month in your mail box is just well deserved right??
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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