Monday, May 1, 2017

KOTM Monday!

Hello Unity peepers,

Jolande here from the Netherlands with the KOTM ! 
It's May 1 so a new one!
This is what I made with an old KOTM 
( January and June 2014). 

It's great that when you have more KOTM's, 
you can combine them so easily!
Plenty stamps and plenty sayings.

And this is a tag with the May KOTM.

In a few weeks' time I am going to visit Unity!! Visiting Angela!
I am going to make a lot of videos with the new Marleen and Jolande stamps; 
the new stamps will become available when I'm there!!
This is a sneakpeak!!

If you want me to show special techniques, feel free to ask. 
You can ask it here as a comment, or on Facebook :

Have a great day!!


Pam said...

Gorgeous tags as always Jolande! Can't wait to watch your videos while you visit!

Daisydo said...

I am quite certain I would bow to your awesomeness should we ever encounter.
-Annie sterner

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