Ready for the new SOTW?? It is DARLING!!

It's Noelle posting today and I am in a mess LOL
First off I did not know the name of these darling birds was Dove Love so mine are more like Blue Birds with tan bellies LOLOLOLOL
However my mistake makes another point I absolutely love about stamping.  We can makes these any type of bird we want to right?  So really it was not a mistake then right?  LOL

That sentiment is AWESOME!!!!  Such a fantastic thing to say don't you think?
I feel a little disappointed when my Glimmer mist globs out like that but it is what it is.  What is really a shame, that has me laughing so hard I can't hardly type is, I did not notice until right now I left off the pretty pattern paper.  I have never redone a card or a scrapbook page though.  I just leave it and carry on.  Most people don't even notice your mistakes.  We are our own worst critics.  I love that!

 Donna's card is so beautiful!  I really love that bird cage!  The pattern paper pulling in the black hearts looks awesome!  
Have you signed up for SOTW yet?  Do you know that once you are a member you can buy any of the past SOTW stamps for only $3.29?  That is an amazing deal.  And there re a whole ton of them.  You can check them out HERE
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
We sure appreciate it!

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