You Are My Today! SOTW

Hi Peeps!  It's Noelle posting today!!
Have you shopped the sale yet?
60% off  
That puts a skip in my step!
OK, back to today's post!  LOL
You have two more days to sign up for this weeks Stamp of the Week!!  
It is a good one, you do not want to miss!  

 You are my today and all of my tomorrow.
I love that a lot!  
I was going for a background looking paper but I had a ribbon pile on and well sometimes things just don't turn out like you had them in your head LOL  I don't hate it though and I adore the sentiment and wanted that to be the main focus but some how the ribbon took over.  Whatever, it works LOL
 Stamp of the week is only $5.79 delivered right to your door every single week.  You just can't beat it!  Even the envelope it comes in is as cute as it can be!  And FYI, next weeks is DARLING!!!  Just you wait :)
Happy Stamping!
Happy Shopping!!

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