Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday | Stephanie Gold

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Who else is simply exhausted from the US election last night? Holy moly I think I have stress knots now. Well its time to brighten everyone's week with some Inspiration Wednesday!! Woo woo! Here is my fun Pinterest find of the day:

I adore book print paintings but the clocks and the yellow on this one really got me. I used this month's KOTM to create a fun card!


I used Yolande's kit to create a semi bookprint layer down the card and colored the florals in with the yellows and greens. I also added a fun layer at the bottom with a dotted scalloped edge and some green cardstock. I stamped the green with one of the stamps from the Bohemian Basics set and finished the card off with some twine and a divided sentiment from the KOTM as well.

Now I know we are probably divided 50/50 (ish) between people who are happy or unhappy with last night's results so here is a little EXTRA happy for every one today:

Just in case you haven't smiled yet today - Imgur:  

real life puss in boots:

This one is like a mini Oliver Twist am I right? "Please sir, can I have some more?"

Awwwwww !:  


Oh my goodness animals... They are so dang cute. :)

Much love Unity family! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Xo, Stephanie
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Billie A said...

Your card is beautiful. Love the sentient and the design.
Thank you for the cuteness. I needed that..

Margaret Klitch said...

Thanks for the example and for your cute card! Oh yes, and thanks for some animal cuteness. My dog always makes me smile. Stephanie or Angie or whoever reads does one store the mini weekly stamps. I have them in a plastic shoebox now but am quickly outgrowing it AND I have to look through everything to find what I want. Does someone have categories that work? Peg

Pam said...

Lovely card you made from the inspiration photo. And the dogs and cats pics are the cutest!!!

Susan Huffman said...
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Stephanie Gold said...

Aww thank you all for the kind words!! Margaret... I keep mine in baskets in the bags they come in. Organizing by type (thank you, inspirational, etc.) when it comes to stamps with sentiments and then by category of stamp if its just images (animals, angie girls, etc.) That always works for me pretty well. :) Hope this helps!

Stephanie Gold said...

Also, the baskets I use are from the Target dollar aisle :)

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