Monday, you know what that means right??

Kit Of The Month Monday!!
Hi Peeps!  It's Noelle!!
It has only been a week since I told you just how much I love KOTM!  I love it more today than last week.  Good gravy every single imagine is so up my ally month after month!!
Now here is what you don't know!
I don't like Halloween.
Not even a little bit.  Blechhh
I hate to be scared, I am scared of the dark, face masks send me running, clowns *shudder*
Guess what else?  I do not like the taste of pumpkin anything Blechhh  LOL
I know I am INSANE to not be gobbling up all the pumpkin spice things I see.  I just don't like it LOL
You know what I LOVE?  Pumpkin STAMPS!
I LOVE making my own fun Halloween decorations that double as fall and don't make me want to pull the covers over my head because honestly I am just a giant scaredy cat.  
You know what else I LOVE?
Second hand stores!!  I could browse them all day long.  Look what I found!   A fun white pot BEGGIN' for some paint to cover up those dark marks even the dishwasher couldn't get rid of!
This paint must be 8 years old and it still works GREAT!!  I thought it was too dark so I mixed in some white. 
The pumpkins from September's KOTM Moments Between Moments *SWOON*
 This is everything I grabbed and got busy!! 
 OOPS!!  It is so slippery!  I 'skidded' the stamp.
 Who cares?  Just slap some paint over that and start over!  Heck add some glitter paint and make the whole shootin' match sparkle!  Now we are talking my language!! 
Four sets of pumpkins fit around it and I painted them all with sparkling goodness too. 
 The shimmery goodness looks awesome on my kitchen table.  It sparkles AND it doesn't scare me!  #winning
 Here is a close up!  It is not perfect and I like that too!   If I can alter pots from the second hand store so can you, trust me!  First sign up for KOTM, you will have a stamp for every single thing you need in no time!  They are the best!  Something for everyone!  Then run to the store, then start painting!
Happy Stamping!!
Thank you so much for swinging by today! 

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