KOTM Monday, the BEST thing about Monday's!!

Hi Peeps!  It's Noelle posting today and I am EXCITED!!  KOTM is what sucked me into Unity YEARS ago!!
Are you so excited about the new Kit of the Month?
Holiday Hugs
I LOVE every imagine!!
Honestly it helped me sort of get into the Christmas spirit just a little bit LOL
 I found these silver foil doilies looking for tags and decided another minute could not pass without using one.  Don't you LOVE it when your scrap room is such a pig sty you have to search for things and you find such fantastic things during the search?  Maybe THAT is the reason I never get the room completely cleaned.  I can clean the inside of a drawer for an hour and it is so organized it is insane but there will be 3 piles on the floor for me to deal with that that I just jump over for the next few weeks LOLOLOL
I am so easy to get along with in a crafty mess.  I can work in like a 5 inch square space!  : ) 
I am not sure why the bow looks so pink on the Bling paper.  But I like pink so really I guess I can't complain about it too much.
Now, we all know I am a hot mess with the digital stamps.  Computers are not my specialty.  Sitting in the middle of a giant mess making things with the fabulous Unity girls IS my thing!!
Did you see all the FaceBook videos with Jolande? You can find them all here, just keep scrolling.  You will want to see them all!!  I sure wish I knew how to spell the sound of a whistle because this bookmark/tag deserves a cat call for sure! [Was that conceited enough?  My Mama would be so ashamed of me if it weren't so true] *heart* Seriously watch the videos.  You can do it too.  The fussy cutting is no fun on an empty stomach with 2 large cups of coffee in your belly though.  I suggest doing that after food LOL
I used the June '16 KOTM, Beautiful One.  My goodness I love KOTM.  Honestly I love every single image!!  Do you know that if you are a KOTM member all of the past kits are only $20.?  TWENTY dollars for a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 rubber *SWOON*  You can sign up for $26.00 a month HERE.  
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Happy Stamping!

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