Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pick of the Week!!

Hi Peeps!!
It's Noelle posting today and this is not an easy job!
First I find a quote on Pinterest, and... well that sucks me in for an hour.  LOL
Then I go to the Unity {Show & Tell) page and good gravy I get sucked in with all the goodness over there and I can't tear myself away!!  I need to go there every morning and then blow off any work for the day and just make cards!
Do you have these people?
I surround myself with them.  
I have some sort of magical magnetic power and I draw them right to me!  It works out beautifully *heart*
I found this quote HERE.  
 Angela Bode made this beauty.  The stamp is so cute I just about clap my hands every time I see it!!  She used You Are Cute and the sentiment from My Person {fox}.  Her background is amazing and it makes them even cuter!
 Dawn Fields made this card and it is GORGEOUS!
The heart border is from God's Sight.  The sentiment is from Your Heart and My Heart.  It makes me sappy.  I have two BFF's  one from 20 years ago and one from just 5 years ago.  I am pretty sure the one from 5 years ago has been friends with my heart for a very, very long time because we just sort of happened one day on the bleachers at our daughter's volleyball game.  I must have sucked her right in with my stellar magnetic force :)  
 My other Bestie is on am extended vacation and I have the HUGEST desire to jump on a plane and go visit her I'd also like to call her and talk her ear off but she is currently 4 hours earlier than me!  A 3 AM call might stop her heart for a minute!
Swing by and see your Besties today. 
They will fix what you didn't even know needed fixing!!  Even if it is for a 10 minute quick visit or phone call!  DO IT!  Your day will be better!  We all need a person, even a tribe in my case! *heart*
A big GIANT shout out to Angela and Dawn for making this post so AMAZING!!!
Don't forget to check out this weeks End of Summer Clearance sale!!
Happy Stamping!
Happy Shopping!
Thank you so much for swinging by today!


Dawn Fields said...

Noelle, you really made my day! I just can not stop smiling. My heart is grateful. I can not express the happiness I am feeling right now. Thanks so much for selecting my card as one of the picks of the week. This is truly an honor. And as the sentiment says and what you said in your post, having positive, good people in your circle is essential to our overall well being.

Rebecca Yahrling said...

Noelle, you sound just like me! I go to Pinterest to find one little thing and end up spending hours there. Then I go to a site that should take me 1 minute to be at, but no, I find out someone is having a hop, so I go enter that. Well, there went another hour. Now I have to go to bed because I have to be at work at 6 am. Ugh! I think I was supposed to make something but didn't. *sigh* LOL
And congrats to both Dawn and Angela for being spotted - I concur with Noelle! :-)

Angie said...

Thank you so very much for sellecting my people card as one of your "picks of the week"! What a surprise. Totally made my day! Most of my friends that saw the card said it didn't look like my usual style, so that makes this card extra fun. Dawn your card is gorgeous too! Loved it when I first saw it on (show & tell).

Janeen said...

What a great card Angie. Congrats on being pick of the week. Way to step out of your comfort zone and still create something stellar.

Janeen said...

What a great card Angie. Congrats on being pick of the week. Way to step out of your comfort zone and still create something stellar.

BMG said...

Congratulations ladies! Great cards! Can't wait to see the next challenge.

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