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Hey there my dears!! It's time for another DT Tuesday!!! Woo woo!!
I am going to start off with a little story lol...

The other day I was ranting in my head at the checkout counter of the grocery store about all of these magazines with these gorgeous, perfect women on the covers. I ended up going home and researching what goes into the photoshopping and makeup etc of these photo shoots because I HAD to know how real they were. Now of course, they are basically fake. But I didn't realize HOW fake they were. These women sit through like an HOUR AND A HALF of JUST makeup!!! And then there is hair styling and someone picks out clothes for them. Sometimes they wear 2 push up bras and then they get photoshopped out to look like there is no bra at all! Sometimes they have hairy legs and they photoshop their legs perfect!!! Now I don't want to take away from these women who love doing this for work or anything like that, I'm simply speaking of when we have those times when we end up comparing ourselves. I have skin issues so one of the main things that I unfortunately look at are these women's beautiful, perfect complexions. And sometimes I end up feeling pretty crummy.

So after I do all of this research and mental ranting I decided that for this week's DT Tuesday project, I am going to make a bunch of tags to leave in front of these magazines at the grocery store in hopes to deter minds away from the ridiculousness and onto what's important... That we each are beautiful and we each have beautiful, magnificent souls. Here are a few of them:

If you read all of that story, THANK YOU for bearing with me!!! Haha now here are some incredible projects from YOU ALL that really caught my eye.

This one is by Kimberley Allison Rich. I adore the simplicity and texture. Just my style. :)

This next one is by Leslie Eide and she watercolored it into her PLANNER!!! I LOVE this!!

This last one is by Hilary Reynolds and I love how her hair looks like it has highlights. Isn't it so cute?! And again, the simplicity is just my style. :)

Ok so below is a giant list of all of the INCREDIBLE stamp sets I used for my own project!

Everything Stronger
Never Easier Just Better
Feather Flight
Quinn Girl
Brave Girl Teepee
KOTM July 2016 - Glittering Eyes

Don't these sets go SO well together?! You need them all!!!! Just kidding. :)

To leave you here is a quote that I just LOVE:

 Happy Tuesday! Much love!

Xo, Stephanie

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