Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday

I don't make cards.  I think hand made cards are awesome and I love to get them from people.  I really do.  But my life is so much on the go that I have to used my time to scrapbook.  To preserve memories for my family.  I am inspired by them.  My kids.  My husband.  My dog.  My extended family and friends.  They are why I scrapbook.  I can honestly say I have a horrible memory.  When I journal for a layout, I document my story forever.  I don't have to worry about not remembering things because we have a library of scrapbooks to look back on.  And we do.  A lot.

I challenge you to scrapbook.  And journal.  And document.  And tell YOUR story.

            Have a SUPER Wednesday.  Get inspired!


jennifer mitten said...

Love your pages! I sympathize about your aunt. My father waged a two month battle with glioblastoma before he passed away, also too early.

sfcherry said...

Beautiful pages! I need to work on ny scrapbook! I wikk have to get busy! Thanks fir sharing!

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