DT Tuesday with Mandi

Hello Friends
It is Mandi here for DT Tuesday!
I love using my stamps for things other than making cards.
If you know me I love stamping on jars :)
So I upcycled an old coffee jar for my post today.

This is how I make them..
 Paint your jar with two coats of chalk paint.
Let it dry completely.
Then get your stamp.
I stick mine down on my desk. 
Ink your stamp with archival ink.
Then take your jar and roll it over the stamp, 
starting from one end of the stamp to the other applying firm pressure. 
Sometimes you don't get all of the impression from the stamp but it is totally ok!
This leaves a kind of distressed look to your jar.
Leave it as is or add some ribbon or cord and you are done :)

The butterfly stamp I used is from the Without Fear Without Limits KOTM.

Now on to some cards that caught my eye this week.
How lovely is this card from Kim Pietruszewski
Kim used one of my favourite Unity stamps I love it!

I also love this gift card by Trisha Magnus
The colour combination is just beautiful.

Last but not least I love this card from Amy Zoe Ismail
A lovely summery card!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 
I will leave you with one of my favourite  quotes I found on pinterest.