Are you feeling inspired?

I'm feeling like I wish I was a cat in a spot of sunshine!
Hi Peeps!!
It's Noelle posting today!!
 Warm sun on my cold Denver skin seriously inspires me!  Yesterday and today I got to walk Carlee to school.  I LOVE that.  It finally feels like spring in the Rockies!
 Are you a fan of Lisa's sentiment kits?
I AM!  And every time I order I always grab what I missed because I must own every single one of the AMAZING sentiments!  She covers every card you could ever need and then will inspire you to make a 2nd card because you had to use more than one sentiment!  
Sympathy cards are so difficult to make.
I used  ...may hope sustain you.  
Carlee was helping me take pictures this morning before school.  She really wanted her new bunnies in the picture.  They are so cute they make me swoon.  She also bought them at the antique market with her own money!  
 OK this is supposed to be Inspiration Wednesday.
NOT thanks for saving my ass Wednesday!
But I simply could not help myself.  After making a difficult sympathy card I needed to laugh.  Does the XO make up for the dirty word?  In my mind, why yes it does!  HA!  LOL
This darling kit releases later today!  It is a MUST HAVE in my opinion.  Jack{ASS} it has 5 hilarious sentiments.
The XO is from a very old set called 
U.R.{etcetera} which I believe was retired but then brought back in 2 sets but I am having trouble finding them to link.  I'll come back and link this as soon as they are found.  The fabulous Andrea is helping me as I type. *heart*
Find some sunshine today and soak it up!  Then sit at your desk and whip out a card while your skin is still warm : )
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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