SMAK Saturday!!

It's Noelle posting today and I am LATE!!
Want to know why??
Because I am stamping all day today and tomorrow!!
I am so excited!
Last night I worked on a quilt all night!
Not a care or apparently a responsibility in the world.
 So this morning while I was laying in bed, [Listening to my 18 year old's alarm clock go off while she slept soundly.] I was thinking I need to clean up the quilting mess and get to stamping.  That was when SMAK Saturday popped into my head.
Who has time to clean up?
Just make a bigger mess!
Then I realized I was using last month's SMAK kit.
Change Gears!!
 Here you go!
Choose A Happy Heart
Is it AMAZING or what??
I adore SMAK I really think if I HAD to pick only one fave, you know like if a bag guy had a gun pointed at me, I would pick SMAK.  But I'll be stamping all weekend so I will change my mind 20 times.  There is no bad guy so I don't HAVE to pick!! : ) 
*Disclosure The Unity Design Team, we all work together and have little tasks.  My task is every Friday [or Saturday in my case] I post a weekly reminder for all the girls.  You know who has what post, etc.  Clearly they do not work for me.  LOL  I'm off to remind the girls!  Have a beautiful weekend!!  Please forgive my very late post.

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