Guest Designer - House for a Mouse

Hello Unity Friends

Mandi here again from Faith Hope & Crafts!
  Welcome to my second week as the Unity guest designer :)
 This past week sure flew by fast! 

I wanted to make something a wee bit different today.
It's a dry version of a snow/glitter globe.
 This is an empty jam jar that was going to be thrown away.
 But I rescued it and turned it into a house for a mouse :)
I went with a love theme since Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
 If you are not familiar with this stamp let me introduce you to Alfie!
  He is the cutest mouse I have ever seen! Don't you agree?
I LOVE this stamp so much. He is just adorable!
Here is the link to Alfie if you want to add him to your collection
 Alfie Heart & Soul Mouse. 

Here are the instructions if you want to make your own mouse house:
You will need - Alfie stamp, card stock, ink, colouring medium of your choice,
empty jar, mod podge, strong fast drying craft glue, some white and red glitter
 and some clear fishing line.

Make sure your jar is squeaky clean before you start. (no pun intended ha!) 
 Colour your mouse and fussy cut him out.
Then cut some fishing line and grab a scrap piece of card.
 Glue the line in between the scrap card and the back of the mouse length ways and set aside to dry.
Use a cork screw or something sharp and pierce a hole on top of the lid from the outside in.
 This is so that any jagged edges remain inside the jar.
 Next cut out a circle just smaller than the jar lid and stamp your sentiment on top.

  Fill your jar with as much or as little glitter as you like.
Now take your mouse, put him in the jar and feed the line up through the lid and out the other side.
 Screw on the lid in place while still holding the line on the outside of the jar.
Decide where you want your mouse to stand and then secure the line down with tape.
Cut any excess fishing line away from the lid.
Take your stamped circle and glue it to the top of the lid.
 Then add some glitter to the edge of the lid using mod podge. 
Finally add another sentiment to the front of the jar or leave it blank if you prefer.
 The two sentiments are from the Love is Grand sentiment kit. 
So there you have it, your very own house for a mouse.
 I gave this to my husband and he said it was so cute!
I love to come up with new ideas to use my stamps. 
I hope you like this one :)
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
Have a lovely day and I will see you next week.
Mandi :)