Kit of the Month aka my FAVE!!!!!

Hi Peeps!!
It's Noelle posting today and I am EXCITED!!
Watching the silver embossing powder melt on this heart makes my heart happy.  I could emboss all day long!!  Especially Unity.  So crisp and clean every single time!!
 I think we are all guilty of neglecting many stamps.  I have used every stamp in this kit except for 3!  Trust me those 2 flowers and the heart with the flowers are about to meet my embossing pad!!
 This sentiment is something I say often. 
I post stuff like this on FaceBook all the time
 I always type I'd follow her anywhere.
It even has the heart.
Are you a KOM member?
You really should be and we only have a few more days left for January!
There are only 14 left.
$26.00 for 9 amazing images and 9 perfect sentiments.  That is $1.44 a stamp!  GOOD GRAVY I am not sure I have ever done the math before! I also just divided $26. by 31 days in the month. That is 84 cents a day.  Each of you totally deserves that!  Go sign yourself up so you get this amazing kit!  I promise you will not be sorry!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! 
Happy Stamping!!

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