I am in love with LOVE and DT Tuesday's!!

It's Noelle posting today!!
Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with these posts.  I don't like picking one card to showcase.  It takes me WAY longer to pick a card. I can make my card, take pics, watermark and make this post in a quarter of the time!!  You Unity lovers are SO TALENTED!
 Can we talk about love for a minute.  
[writing this post on the 11th to go live on the 12th]
I LOVED David Bowie's Let's Dance album.  Not loved LOVE.  I am listening to it right now.  Today I danced all day in his honor.  
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote!!
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
This totally works for me.
Once I love you it is seriously a forever thing.  I can't shut that down.  It has been this way forever.  
Some how, some where I learned to love AMAZING people.  I attract them like magnets.  
I think it is because I am in love with love as corny as that sounds.
 I hope Mr. Bowie and his family know how much they are loved, and how much he will be missed.
This Kit of the Month is STELLAR  I love it more than most kits.  I know I always say that but this month is really up there!
Start Again you really need it :)
 For the inside I used an oldie but a very LOVED goodie!!
Explore Today and Everyday!  
Awww man, this must be retired.  I am SO SORRY!  I can't find it on the site.  MAYBE when the divine Ang Mag sees this post and the PERFECT sentiment she will pull it out and put it back up for sale and knowing her, on a sale no one can resist. [insert a pretty red heart here] She will NOT scold me for not checking before I used it {and took pics and watermarked and refused to leave it off}.  She is AWESOME like that.  [insert another pretty red heart here] 
OK, back to LOVE did you see this card??
Wynne Cochran Grob made it and posted on our UNITY {show & tell} FaceBook page!!  I love every single detail about it!!  So clean, so simple, so kraft, so red and cream, so perfect for LOVE!! [insert a pretty red heart here]
I am off, I have 31 minutes to run to get my last 3K steps.  I hate to run or jog but I am in also in love with my FitBit and my 11k EVERY day goal.
Thanks for stopping by today!  
Go love someone!
And Let's DANCE!!

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