Monday, December 14, 2015

KOTM Monday with Andrea!

Andrea here with stampy fun from our Kit Of the Month collection!

I played with the GORGEOUS snowflake from Nov's KOTM
I stamped it in white ink on kraft paper to match my background
I also sprinkled on some frosted crystal embossing powder
so in person it has a lovely shiny effect!

I get so darn happy every month when my kit arrives…
I am eagerly awaiting this month's!!

This kit 'Crazy, Tragic, Magic Life' is packed with so many great images
Those feathers….swoon!

To sign up and receive this kit and one every month just click here:

And Magic will arrive in your mailbox too!

Happy Crafting, 


Jen Fry said...

I love to see how each person uses their own creativity to come up with a unique card. Like the one above. Often an idea I would never think of on my own. The card is simple but beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE the snowflake card above!!
Thanks for sharing.
Grandma Nancy in central IL

Aimee Phillips said...

I loved seeing this card and it being done on the brown paper.
Thanks for sharing your talents.

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