Saturday, October 24, 2015

Personal Story from Ang. - Strength of a WOMAN. THIS is why I LOVE THESE stamps.

3 of my 4 sons will have graduated come spring. 
this is James.
he had his graduation photos on thursday.
THAT paired with his 18th birthday on FRIDAY!


HERE are the 3 OLDEST.  yesterday....or so it feels that way.

as a MAMA of growing children.....
it is one of those days.
life hands them to you now and then. 
you miss what WAS.  
you accept what IS. 
and all of it is just SLIGHTLY OVERWHELMING and BITTERSWEET. moment you are the CENTER of their WORLD.
SMALL BEINGS look to you FOR ALL THINGS  they need to make their world HAPPY and CALM
YOU give them everything. 
IMPERFECTLY - but they are little and love without any sort of judgement - you are imperfect yet PERFECT. 
YOUR world revolves around them just as MUCH as theirs around YOU. 
....and you do this for YEARS and YEARS. 
moment, after moment. 
THIS KIND OF GIVING has nothing to do with HAVE TO - and has EVERYTHING to do with WANTING TO. 
and then you blink. 

life is a crazy thing. 

the next moment those SAME SOULS are self-sufficient.
  you've done well and you've loved hard and sure. 
and there they are - all GROWN UP - and off they GO, hardly looking you hold up the love sign in the air - you aren't stopping them - and you WOULDN'T even if you COULD.

nothing about it is easy. 
yet it is SUCH a beautiful thing. the same time..... 
 a bit of a CRISIS ensues.
YOU THINK you are fine. 
YOU THINK life will just go on as normal.
YOU THINK you've got this. 
then all at once.
you falter.
you stumble. 

AND THAT is ok.
all you have known is FOR REAL different.
this is no illusion.
cry it out. 
feel the change. 
cut yourself some slack for having NO CLUE how to be OK with the way life is un-folding....let your NEW NORMAL come into play. 
 KNOW you did your very best.
EVEN if you weren't always at your best.
I AM NOT gonna tell you to LET GO.
'cause you can't and you won't.
I WILL tell you to LET IT HAPPEN.
'cause that is what LOVING them means.
giving them wings.
assuring them you will find yours.
even if it all gets a little messy.

being a mama. 
{or a mama figure}
is the MOST REWARDING thing in this world.
and when the time comes that being a mama requires 10% of you as opposed to 100% 
THAT MEANS it is  now time for YOU.

YOU exist in layers and layers of PRETTY fabulous ways that have perhaps been dormant....just waiting!

things are GOING TO CHANGE.
you can't stop that.  you simply need to find your peace. your place. your loves. your talents. your happy.
it is now TIME for your soul to unfold.
YOU are amazing. 
TIME to BE YOU, mama. 
YOU got THIS. 
I got this. 

A lot of the stamps that I put into production have A LOT to do with the strength of WOMEN as the stages of their lives transpire.  I resonate with this strength SO CLOSELY and I HOPE you love these type of stamps as much as I do. 

You will find several of these stamps on our WAREHOUSE Sale going on now as well in the line of ANGIE GIRL stamps that are ON SALE this weekend again.

You deserve it, mama.

AND a HUGE THANKS to Jolande VanOosterhout for reminding me to put my heart out there. 

I stopped doing that for a bit. 
I miss will be seeing more of me. 


Kris said...

Brings a tear to my eye, but makes my heart so happy all at the same time.

Patti Willey said...

Well said Momma! Love this new stamp with her hands shaping a heart! Perfect sentiments just perfect!

Phyllis Harris said...

So lovely! Yes, please always share your heart cuz I love to see it! :)

Kathy said...

Well said! I'm getting ready to send of my second (and only son) in just over a year. I try to hold on tight, but all you can do is know that you have taught them well, and sit back and watch them fly :) Good job Momma!

alyson esposito said...

💜 As a mama of 3 boys myself this is close to home. My middle one is James' age and a senior also. Heart in my throat, tears of mixed emotion in my eyes. We love our boys with all our hearts.

Noelle Reese said...

Very well said. You are one of my fave Mama's <3

Renee Aslette said...

Love you Ange!!! As a mum of two young boys. I know this day will come sooner than I think. You blink, they are 18...........not too sure I will ever be ready for that. But I read this and think that it makes total sense. You are AMAZING!!!

Julie Curtis said...

WOW, this brought me to tears. I remember well how empty it feels and you pay for the did to slam and hear "Mommmm!" It was a challenge but your correct. It's time for you. It's time to rediscover your passions. To spend time with friends and family and pursue the things you let slide while raising your children. It's the "Golden years." I love the way you write with your heart it speaks for a lot of us. Your stamps are beautiful and I can't wait to see what's next!

Julie Curtis said...

Woops...pray for the door to slam

Julie Curtis said...

Woops...pray for the door to slam

Ruby said...

I would love to shop but with the exchange rates and the shipping charges my shopping has come to a big halt. I will just have to create a wish list until things turn around. I miss getting some Unity in the mail. They are such awesome STAMPS so one day perhaps I can buy some HAPPY. I am addicted to these stamps.

Graciellie Design said...

Every time I hear or read what a mom goes through during this difficult stage I stop for a minute, breath deeply, caress my son's head and embrace the moment... I wish this moment could last forever. My son's only 4 and I keep hearing about how time flies and how fast little ones grow... I panic and just focus on making every day a beautiful one for my son and the rest of us. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us... You are inspiring (and I love the way you write)! PS: I'm all for inspiring women too and this stamp set is just perfect!

Teresa Doyle said...

Very well said Angela. Truer words were never spoken! I must make sure my daughter reads this. She has 2 young boys who are HER LIFE and she wonders why I went through some emotional trials when her brother left the nest! They grow up so fast but when they are your world for so long its hard to separate yourself from Mom back to being your own person. Does that make sense? Maybe its because we prefer being their Mom verses "just" being ourselves??? LOL But push on we must, we gave them wings for a reason and I for one, am proud they are using them! Thanks so much for sharing your heart and empowering women with your wonderful stamps! Hugs to you and Happy Birthday to your son!

Carol said...

You've got it together! You gave it your all and knew when to "let it happen". Those are wise words.

Amante del Papel said...

is so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

Wonderfully said, thanks for sharing :) Mine are both 18 - but not going anywhere yet..........

Gaylynn said...

I now know what it means when people say, "Don't Blink". Before you know it, they're off and running into the wide world. As a mom of young adults, I so relate to your words, Angela. What I like most here is the 10% part. It's so true. Thanks for sharing your touching story.

Sandra Frutchey said...

Life does go too fast and every stage is a new your spirit and thank you for sharing and reminding us that we are all normal and it is ok to be yourself and put your emotions on your sleeve.

Jazzy JEC said...

My Mum was like that and she raised us to carry on. Loved your thoughts and words .. it moved me to tears. Thanks for reminding me even after all my 73 years.

Ann Tuck said...

Just had to say how true and how beautifully said! You have captured exactly how I felt at the time when my son left home, but like you, I tried to find my own path. I know this piece will resonate with so many women, and I admire you for being able to put into words what most mothers feel. Well said!
Take care, and my very best wishes to you:)

Trisha said...

That is exactly!!! Word for word how I have been feeling! My daughter graduated from high school in June and married in September! Though I couldn't be happier for her, I kept thinking to myself when she waked across the stage to accept her diploma that she was just 4 years old the day before and again the same feelings hit me again when watching her walk down the isle to her fantastic husband starting her new life. **sigh**

Marlena M. said...

tears. amen

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