Personal opinion/ramble - Being strong while being JUDGED.


I was going through pinterest - looking for inspiration for the million different personality flaws I possess. 
{true story}

It spurred emotion.  
...THAT is how I know I have to write. 

So it started as a FACEBOOK POST on my personal page. 
THEN I moved it over to my Unity Page - simply cause it had the word ART in it. 

NOW it has become a BLOG POST INSTEAD because MY HEART has SO MUCH to say about it. 

I have fallen.  SO MANY TIMES. no big secret there. WE ALL HAVE.  yes?

We make SUCH HORRIBLE decisions from time to time.  
....sometimes hurting only ourselves - and sometimes hurting the people we love along the way.

DON'T YOU HATE it when that happens?!!?!
dang it.

WE all get selfish.  WE all do things we wish we hadn't.  WE all fall out of character when going through difficulties.  WE all are just doing our very best, where we are with what we have going on. 

But here is the deal.....WHEN WE FAIL. or FALL. 
THAT is OUR lesson to learn.
IT IS necessary FOR our story to un-fold, simply to get to where we are going. 
NOT ANYONE else's. 

Don't you THINK perhaps the fall, the recognition of the fall, the apology to those we hurt -  all in  itself -  is ENOUGH?

But there are ALWAYS those people that SIT AND STARE at the situation.
CAN NOT or simply WILL NOT let it go. 
over and over and over.....
and KEEP trying to bring to a spot you have attempted to leave behind.

Ridiculous close minded JUDGEMENT of another PERSONS LIFE is HANDS DOWN my BIGGEST PET PEEVE. 

We screw up. 

WHY do we hold ourselves victim to people who choose to act as judge and jury that have NO CLUE how to be tender and forgiving and understanding? 

 They STAND on the OUTSIDE of a situation and JUDGE, relentlessly.
These are the people who beat YOU UP by STATING THEIR OPINION and EXPECTING others to accept it as their truth, too.
We ALL have these people in our lives.

I LIKE to refer to them "FIRST LIFERS"
You know the ones. 

They give themselves the illusion that they are SOME HOW BETTER because THEY would never make the same mistake. 
They sit emerged in self-loathing while ripping apart the poor soul that is simply trying to put the pieces back together again. 

So sad. 

 HOW can we even begin to understand the actions of ANYONE when you have not lived ONE MOMENT of their life?  
WE don't get to judge anyone else but OURSELVES - based on our experiences in life.

MY little opinion is this. 
IF you don't want to be involved with people that make decisions different than you do? 
simply don't.
THAT is the beautiful thing about life - you don't have to ACCEPT anyone into your life that you don't want to.
BUT for the LOVE of LIFE - let people make decisions for themselves without ridicule. Let people be imperfect and take the steps to recover without consistent judgement and half hearted opinions. 

JUDGING the deemed "un-acceptable" actions of others -  SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR about your character.  

Life is really pretty simple regarding the people you WANT in your life.  

LOVE {regardless}

{make mistakes, get up, try again. over and over and over.  let the judge and jury play their own little game  - while your world expands...knowing better, doing better.}

SHAMELESS Unity PLUG after that little RAMBLE! :) 

Shop AWAY lovely stumbling, beautiful, non-judging souls!