Sunday, October 11, 2015

Go Where Your Dreams Take You...

I am SO excited
to share the 
brand new 
with you.

It is a beauty.

That dragonfly is just waiting for some color.
The design team has lots of beautiful samples to share
with you this week.  Let's take a peek.
This team rocks, don't you just love how each card is so
different, so unique and so THEM.
Totally their own beautiful style.
Ready to give your style a chance with this stamp?
With the STAMP OF THE WEEK program you get:

You get an exclusive stamp delivered to your door EVERY WEEK at a special price.
$5.79 – that INCLUDES SHIPPING. {$7.79 International}
Stamps are automatically shipped to you each week.
(coolest thing ever, you don't even have to think about it, it just magically appears each week)
{for all the details click HERE}

Today is the PERFECT day to sign up.

And don't forget...

Enjoy your day!!!


Ann said...

Lovely designs.

Pam said...

You all did an amazing job! What a lovely stamp!

Amante del Papel said...

so beautiful and awesome card!!!!

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