Thursday, October 8, 2015

DT Thursday! Noelle's pick of the week!!

Do you want to know what I love?
People that light up my life!
I am seriously afraid of the dark.  I want nothing to do with it so I am drawn naturally to the light :)

The background on this card is STELLAR!!!  Jennifer nailed it!  I love that she shared it on our Unity Show & Tell page!!  I encourage all of you to do the same!  She used KOM In Love with Love 06/14

I want this necklace bad!  This girl has talent!  I found this on Pinterest and I am not sure who made it so I am going to link you to it so I don't say the wrong person.  I never know who made it and who pinned it LOL 

I used Light of My Life  My husband is the light of my life!  He also keeps me safe in the dreaded dark!
Now I didn't crop this picture as a favor to all of you.  Get up right now and go to Bath and Body Works and buy this candle.  It will make you think you have left the job, the whining kids, the mess etc and give you the scent of being at the beach!  YUM!!

How about some Unity love??  A heart of Unity stamps *swoon*
Come back tonight at 7!!  New Unity and lots of Love are coming your way!  :)
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Call someone who shines some light on your life, we all need that!  :)

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ionabunny said...

Dear Noelle, love your heart of unity. Glad to hear there are happenings later. It's been a bit quiet here. Was afraid you'd all run off to fb and forgotten us bloggy folk. I'll be in bed at 7 your time but I'll pop back tomorrow. Hugz

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