Time for a little Saturday SMAK!!!

HI PEEPS!!  It is Noelle posting today!
SMAK is my FAVE!!!
I can never get enough of it!  How about you?
October is AWESOME!!!!!
Jake and Jolande NAILED IT!!!!
Just Magic!
I will need to own this one.  These images are just screamin' to be embossed :)

I used some old favorites.  
The hearts and the so fabulous are from 


I have to tell you one of my favorite things is how well these stamps go with EVERYTHING!!

I am not shouting LOL  I am stuck in some font from copy and pasting and well, it adds character right??  And honestly SMAK is worth shouting about in my opinion :)

I paired it up with September 2015 KOM - Our heart to yours 
My printer will not allow me to emboss the images of the digital stamps so when my name is on a post to use any kit I want I emboss all night!! 
I have a think for this butterfly, they added a heart to suck me right in!!  It is from SMAK 03/15 Do what we love
The sentiment which is the way I live my life is from Ourselves 01/15 SMAK 
I forget how many miles a Monarch migrates but they just never give up either!!
I didn't use any Layers of Life tonight but not from lack of love, just time!!  This post foes live in less than 3 hours.  This is Septembers' October's should be up soon and boy are you going to LOVE it!!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!!
See ya' soon!  

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