Poinsettia Wishes

 Hello my AMAZINGLY wonderful friends!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday is kind of an AWESOME day... it's the start of a brand new week. This past week has been a tough on for me, so I'm excited for a new start!

Speaking of new....

Allow me to introduce you to the BEAUTIFUL  new SOTW....

This, my friends, is Poinsettia Wishes. Isn't it stunning?  The perfect addition to any winter themed project!  

Here's a less traditional color scheme by Heather Hoffman...
GORGEOUS, huh!!!

If you are already a member of our Stamp Of The Week club, keep an eye on your mailboxes for this little gem. If you AREN'T a member, you can sign up by clicking HERE

For only $5.79 a week ($7.79 international) you get a BRAND NEW stamp in your mailbox each week... and YES, that price INCLUDES shipping.  These stamps CAN'T be found in stores, they are exclusive to members. 
And, members can purchase any PAST stamp of the week for only $3.29... How awesome is that!

And... As a quick little side note... here's a fun little tip for you...

Including washi tapes in your designs is a fun and easy way to add pops of color and pattern... However, depending on the texture of the tape, it can sometimes be tricky to STAMP on the tape...Or if you are like me, you can't get seem to stamp the sentiment STRAIGHT.... ERRRG!

SO... Try stamping in on white  card stock and then laying the tape over top. Washi tapes are generally semi-transparent... this means your image will show through (although color, pattern, and brand can affect that).. It will mean that you need to do a little trimming and then use some sort of adhesive to attach it, but for me, it makes things a LOT easier. Just a little trick to keep in mind. :)

Have a WONDERFUL day, and a FANTASTIC week!

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