Inspiration Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday with Unity.  Kris here to share a little personal story and the inspiration I have drawn from it.
I lost my Father about 6 weeks ago.  He was 85.  Strangely, he passed away on the very day that his Mother did 5 years earlier (she was 100!).  Over the weeks that followed, I received many beautiful sympathy cards - both handmade and store-bought.  I loved each of them and appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into either the selection or creation.  Here is a photo of several.
This also reminded me that I often find I need a sympathy card and have to rush around to get one done (no store-bought for me!).  That's when the light bulb went on and I decided to make a few caring cards to put in my stash.  With so much going on in my family I needed the cards to be clean and simple, so this is what I did.
Oh so easy!  I always think pastels work well for sympathy (both female and male).  I dry-embossed the pastel panel and trimmed it closely just outside the raised edge.  Then I used the sentiment kit from February Beautiful Life, Blessed Memories and stamped the sentiments.
Here is a picture of the kit linked above.
OH! and just so you know!  The new sentiment kit released yesterday and EVERY sentiment kit (including the one I used) are on sale this week HERE.  Go fill up your stash!

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