Get Scared!! Stamp of the Week!

It's Noelle posting today!  
Can you feel Halloween yet??  That is often a snowy night in Denver *shudder*
Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, all I want is the new Stamp of the Week!!  
My goodness is it ever CUTE!!!
That Angie Blom NAILED IT!!!
Truth be told, I don't like Halloween, I don't like to be scared.  I would NEVER watch a scary movie.  I LOVE these darling jack-o-lanterns though!!
Do you know for $5.79 [that includes shipping] every single week you will get an itty bitty in the mail??  Do you also know that while it is sure a catchy and fun name, itty bitty's are not itty bitty??
It's true!! 
You can also buy the past stamps of the week if you missed some!  
OK, please let me apologize in advance for the angle of this picture.  Do you use Bazzil's line of cardstock they call Bling?  Goodness it is my all time fave!!!  It is BEAUTIFUL and shimmery.   What isn't great about it is taking it's picture LOL  That gorgeous shimmer makes a glare that is unstoppable!! So worth it! :)
Look what the awesome Kary made!!!
The speech bubble is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
Thank you for stopping by today!!
We are so happy you did!
Please sign up for SOTW, it is such a nice treat week after week and you are worth it!!
Please also snap a quick picture [with your cell phone is just fine] of the things you make with your Unity stamps and share it on our UNITY {Show & Tell} Facebook Page!!  You Unity Peeps INSPIRE me!!  Fun fact: I work full time from home.  My work desk is against the wall.  I Face 2 boring computer screens.  So I jump on FB all day long.  My scrap desk is directly behind me.  In 9 steps I can be in that chair stamping after I see the awesome things y'all make!!  
Have the best day ever and sign up for SOTW, you deserve both!  :)

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