DT Tuesday with Heather Hoffman

Good morning! Heather stopping by this morning to share a card with you - as well as a quick little video sharing a little of how it was made! 

I don't know about anyone else, but this past year has held some serious challenges, changes, and heartaches for me and my family. Through it all, I am so grateful for the Lord holding us tight through it all - I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that even in the worst and hardest times, He is in control, He loves us, and He has a plan - even when we might not see or understand. I am so grateful that I can rest on that knowledge no matter what comes my way. 

The sentiment from Trust the Creator that I used on this card sums it up so well: 

And here is a very brief video showing how I did the splattering on this card. It really is pretty easy! I did a bit of masking to help keep the areas clean that I wanted clean. Also very important - let each color dry before moving on to the next! That way you don't have any colors running together!

 Then there is this. Yes. No matter how dark it gets, see with the eyes of faith when you can't see on your own. 

I also found this beauty that Mandi made - isn't it lovely? She used a favorite stamp set of mine - Insightful Meadows, and a lovely tiny sentiment called God's Timing, Trust It.

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful day!!!

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