Friday, August 28, 2015

August Kit of the Month, HURRY it is NOT too late to jump on it!

Hi Unity Peeps!!  It is Noelle posting today.  
You have seen the Kit of the Month right??  *SWOON*
$26.00 a month to join Kit of the Month!!!  My Best Girl Andrea sends these kits out month after month.  An envelope full of the world's best ever red rubber in your mail box every month.  You must sign up.  People spend more than that on coffee. YUMMO  Plus shipping which is $5.00 US and $12.00 international.  
Boy is it ever.
  I can't tell the stories because they are not my stories to tell.
But because two men I love and talk to every single day have health issues it has changed my life a lot.  Life is change.  A lot of people are HUGE fans of change.  I used to be.  20 years ago I was single, no kiddos and I rented places to live.  I moved every 6 to 12 months.  I loved it. 
My current house was bought in 05/05.  I think we should embrace change and move and purge.  LOL But instead, I prefer normal.  I think I like 2005's clutter collecting dust.  *SNORT*
 I made some tags, I was out of time.  I have a thing for butterflies.  They are my FAVORITE.  I LOVE them so much!!  I embossed the butterfly on the orange and cut it out.  Then embossed it again on the tag.  Super easy, you just glue the body down and let the wings flap.  Perfect for a gift bag handle or keep going, attach it to a card!!
 This tag speaks to me.  I had to leave it just embossed.  That first part, life starts all over again.  How can a girl get the Facebook heart in blogger?  I need that thing!!
Now, because we need to laugh.  Seriously, laughing every day all day is super important and my #1 goal.  Two nights ago I was super proud of myself for starting my work early.  Embossing, backgrounds, sentiments I had it all planned out.  I picked a die to cut that orange butterfly above out with.  It was perfect.  Then I DROPPED that background stamp.  I didn't push it down any way because I knew it was not straight.  I decided to pop the butterfly up and you would never know it is crooked.  [Just let me believe that OK? LOL] 
Only the middle needed a push.
Then I LOL and decided if I used the WAY MORE THAN PERFECT stamp Don't be afraid to make mistakes it would be even better.  Only when I stamped it I caught edge in the Versamark.  So I powdered that and took out the t in don't, the f, i and d in afraid and highlighted the edge I caught.
Clearly, *I* am not afraid to make mistakes.  You should not be either {a HEART goes HERE}
Get this kit, it is over the top AWESOME!  You will love it!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!!
SHOP50PLUS will give you an amazing sale price.  If this was my blog I would use a different saying than amazing price.
Just sayin'
Thank you for stopping by today, we sure appreciate it!  
You will not be sorry, not even in 7 years!  
*disclaimer:  I deleted so many sentences.  I can't stop talking.  I can't leave my personal life out.  I am not a professional. BUT I have an over the top, LOVE, LIKE THE WORLD MIGHT END for Kit of the Month.  It is what sucked me in all those years ago.  [I NEED that heart}


Rebecca Yahrling said...

OK, so I have to know ... how many people tell you that you should be a comedian? LOL I LOVE, love, love your posts - they are so fun & entertaining. You make me laugh. AND yes, you inspire me as well. I have so been there before as far as dropping a stamp or stamped it crooked and just going with it because it looked better. There are NO mistakes in art, right?! Thanks for being you. Have a beautiful day!

ionabunny said...

Hi Noelle, love your gushy post. Always happy to see mistakes cos we all make em but think everyone else is perfect. This is a great kit. Love your butterfly. Hugz

Mary Friederichsen said...

LOL!! great post!! Love the simplicity of your tags and the card, but laughed and giggled thru your post! Laughter is a goal for me each day as well! The stress that it relieves and how good it makes you feel afterwords there isn't an antidepressent made that works as well! :D
Have a great weekend Noelle and Laugh a lot! :D

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