Inspiration Wednesday..

Hai Unity fans,

Jolande here to give you some inspiration for this Wednesday!!
I don't now why, but Wednesdays are always good for inspiration.
 I can completely go out of my mind from all the 1 minute YouTube videos.
And guess what....I can't make them :( maybe it's because of my age....maybe because I am a nitwit 
of everything concerning the internet...or maybe I am who I am and do it my way :)

So my inspiration for today is....a photo tutorial!! 
I used watercolor paper

stamp with Color Box black!

clear embossing powder 
Use one drop of each color and spray some water 

Edge the corners with distress ink

I show you how to make this cute label in eight steps.
The stamps are oldies,  but so beautiful that I could not resist to use them.
you can find the Angie Blom stamp here!

Hope you like this, let me know :)

And there is one other thing....did you know that almost all our design members are on Pinterest????
Angela too ......
You can find a few of them here. 
Look what we have found for inspiration.

Have a great day and a lot of stamping pleasure