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Hello all my FANTASTIC and AMAZING friends!

It's Sunday, which means, I get to share the BRAND stinkin' NEW stamp for our Stamp of the Week members! 

*Cue drum roll....*
This ADORABLE kit is called BEE-SUPPORTIVE, and is simply bee-utiful! 

Ok... So just in case you aren't sure what I'm talking about here, Unity has several membership clubs... One of them, is Stamp of the Week...

Stamp of the week is pretty awesome if you ask me! 

Each week, without fail, a brand new stamp (sometimes it's actually two... like this week with the flowers AND a sentiment) goes winging off and lands in the mailbox of each SOTW member. These stamps are EXCLUSIVE to SOTW members. 

So... the bottom line... how much are we talking for a membership like that? How does $5.79 a week suit you? That INCLUDES shipping ($7.79 international). Keep in mind that these are HIGH quality red rubber stamps. That is a sweet deal!

Guess what else that that does for you?

 SOTW membership allows you to purchase ANY past SOTW for only $3.29... Everyone else has to pay FULL PRICE when they are released to the public (which, I think, is usually about a year after it's released as a SOTW)!

So.... Where can you go to sign up and get this lovely stamp in YOUR mailbox? 

Click HERE

(You'll also be able to find out ALL the information you need about membership)

And just in case you want a little more inspiration, here are some FABULOUS projects by some of the DT....




Have an AMAZING week, and take time to be creative!

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