Inspiration Wednesday - Words of Wisdom

Hi everyone!
Shilo here today with Inspiration Wednesday!

I was kinda scratching my head this week as I was thinking of what to use for inspiration....honestly my  "go-to's" when it comes to cardmaking are #1) my patterned paper or a particular stamp  OR #2) pinterest. So this week, I wanted to try and think outside of my creativity realm....where do I find inspiration in life?


I have never been good at expressing myself through words; some people have such a gift! It is almost an art form all on its own; this ability to transform our deepest emotions into a beautiful quote or saying...or even into words of wisdom. Our experiences and how we interpret them can be so inspiring for others...but only when they are told in a way that others connect with. This is not my gift. 
BUT I appreciate and even rely on those that can speak there hearts so exactly and so creatively. I love quotes and songs...and pretty much daily I am reading them, gaining inspiration for my day, my week, my life. For love or heart ache, or motivation, or friendship....these little words of wisdom are there. Bringing comfort and hope. I love that. I often post them on facebook, or write them on sticky notes and stick them around my apartment. Reading something that seems to speak my heart helps me make sense of my own world.
SO, today...I decided THAT was going to be my inspiration. Quotes; Words of Wisdom.
And Unity has SO many beautiful, inspiring quote stamps! It is truly one of the reasons I fell in love with them.

For my card today, the main focus is on the quote...I wanted everything else to be in the "background".

This particular quote came from the March 2015 KOM
{Always Begin Again}

Well, I hope you all found a little inspiration today, for stamping and for life....
Happy Wednesday!

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