Now that tax day is done and we're more than half-way through April, it's time for last week's winners.  Let's get right to it!

 First - the HIP HOP winners from last Thursday.

From Lisa's Blog:
April 16, 2015 at 4:49 pm
Keena said...
 So very pretty! I love this idea for a birthday card!

From Shilo's Blog:
  April 2015 at 23:18
Carisa16 said...

 LOL too cute!

Second - the Fun Friday winners from all of you who liked, commented on, or shared out Facebook posts from last Friday (20 every week!!!).

Susan Spiers
Aly Mechealle
Eileen Barton
Suelyn Ghormley
Kathy Morgan-Hartz
Debbie Long
Tina Grimes
Amy LaBrash
Deb Novin
Becky Heidrick
Robin Beets
Jodi Antus-Hale
Kimber Lamm
SteveandRachel Foster
Cassandra Hensley
Raquel Zapata
Kathy E Mcd
Robin Bosher Bush
Tiffany Beuning
Kapua Rivera

THANK YOU! for your continued friendship.

Third - Friends with Flair winners. We had 33 beautiful entries.

The project winner is Mary Anne

The commenting winner is Judy

On Patti's blog, she said...

HA! Oh my goodness, this is a riot!!! I can think of a few people to whom I could send this type of card and they would get such a kick out of it! LOVE!

So all of you Fun Friday winners, Keena, Carisa, Mary Anne, and Judy need to do the following to claim your prize.

Include your Full Name and Address.
Also mention you won a
"HOP, Fun Friday, or FWF Prize".

{please claim your prize within 2 weeks}

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