Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday—Spring is Almost Here!

Hello, Again! This is Camille joining you all today for Inspiration Wednesday.

Spring is just around the corner, and in my neck of the woods (Northern California), we’ve been experiencing some very early spring-like weather.VERY early. This pleasant weather has inspired me in my craft room. 

Here are a couple of canvases I’ve put together recently that I think give a “Welcome Spring” vibe.


In the above canvas, I used Tracey Malnofski’s recently released “Camille” Kit.


I had a BLAST coloring all of the intricate flowers!

Below is another canvas I created recently with the Spring vibe in mind as well.  Are you inspired by weather?

feather canvas

On the above canvas, I used an image from this month’s Kit of the Month, “Happiness Looks Gorgeous”.


I printed my own tissue paper for the backgrounds in both of the above canvases.

If you’re interested in this technique, please take a look at the following videos I captured. They also show how to adhere printed tissue paper to canvas.

I printed my own tissue paper for the background!
A more thorough explanation in this video is covered for printing tissue paper!

If you’re inspired by weather in your craft room, what weather (or season) inspires you the MOST? I LOVE rain. There’s just something about rain that sends me to CREATION Nation. We just haven’t gotten enough of it here in the past couple of years. I miss it.

I hope you all have a creative week ahead!!

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Lagene said...

Oh my goodness, what awesome projects & thanks for the great video!

Rachel said...

they are both so absolutely stunning, camille. pieces of art!

Jean said...


Amante del Papel said...

just awesome!

Caroline said...

I love the tissue paper idea but how do you get digital images of the unity stamps?

Camille Robinson said...

You can stamp the images onto paper or cardstock and then scan them into your computer to make them digital.

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