Hello gorgeous. 

Yes, YOU!

Quit looking behind you. I'm talking to the amazing, beautiful, wonderful person staring at the screen right now. 


(Hello Gorgeous)

I recently had a conversation with a very good friend of mine. In thinking about it later, I summed it up with this:

"She saw the world a little different than most folks. She had an eye for beauty... the true tragedy was, she could see it in everything but herself."

Sometimes we all need a little reminder. 

Sometimes we can be REALLY hard on ourselves. Some times we look at our reflection and can't see past the supposed "flaws". Sometimes we look at our lives and only see where we feel we have fallen short. Sometimes we look at our talents and dismiss them because we somehow don't "measure up" to some ideal we have in our own heads.

I do it to myself ALL. THE. TIME.

So for each and every one of you who woke up this morning, and couldn't see the BEAUTY shining from your SOUL, here's a little reminder from me to you....


And speaking of all of you beautiful people... Did you know that, not only can YOU share your amazing talents with us here at Unity both through the blog (FWF & the challenge) and Facebook, we DO look at them! We LOVE seeing what you do with our stamps! 


Mary Anne Kelemen recently shared this on FB. I love the simple distressed color with the embossing! Fabulous! Check her work out HERE!

Thank you for sharing a piece of your beautiful soul with us Mary Anne. 

And thank you to EVERY ONE OF YOU who share. You are all an inspiration!

Never forget how beautiful you are, and never stop sharing your LIGHT with the world!

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