Inspiration Wednesday....Like a Rosa Tattoo.

Hi everyone!!

Shilo here today with Inspiration Wednesday!!

I am excited to be here with you all!

Today I did something a little different (at least for me)...
I drew inspiration from a photo that was NOT paper craft related. 
There are a couple reasons for this.

Reason #1.
I have a thing for rose tattoos.
I have one on my right inner forearm.
I LOVE looking at all the gorgeousness out there in "Pinterest land"- endless versions of rose tattoos. I completely understand that tattoos aren't for everyone, but regardless of your feelings about tattoos the artwork in the picture below....GORGEOUS! 
I LOVE the imperfect way the rose is colored in, kinda like water colors (very unique for a tattoo).

Photo found on pinterest, here.

 Reason #2:
This Stamp of the Week.
LOOK at that rose!! Seriously!

{Here's to New Beginnings}

SO...with those two things on my mind, here is the card I was inspired to make:

The sentiment is from {so into you}

I hope this inspires you to look at photos or other forms of art to use as a jumping off point for creating.
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Happy Wednesday!

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