Happy Monday!

 I know you're excited to see ALL of our HOP and FWF winners from last week.

There was no Fun Friday this past week.  It was after all, a time for those of us in the USA to be with family and friends-including Angela and her wonderful staff at Unity :)

Be sure to check the Unity Facebook posts tomorrow since there will be lots of winners listed from our Fun (aka CYBER!!!) Monday.

Here are the  HOP winners from last Thursday.

From Andrea's blog:
Blogger Wanda Reynolds said...

I am greatful that I have the necessities to live...food, clothing, and shelter. Blessed with a wonderful family and friends. Your card is so artistic! Love it! (And wine too!)

November 27, 2014 at 10:47 PM

From Shemaine's Blog:

Blogger Dawn Kleppe said...

I love all the cards but really love the happily ever after!That heart with the map is too cute! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!I really enjoyed this Blog Hop you are all fabulous!

November 29, 2014 at 11:33 PM

Now on to Friends with Flair. We had 27 beautiful entries.
Just want you all to know that even though we can only post one
winner here, each and every entry is a winner in our book.

The project winner is Julie O

The commenting winner is Toni K

She said on Jane's blog

These are adorable!
So Wanda, Dawn, Julie, and Toni
need to do the following to claim your prize.

Include your Full Name and Address.
Also mention you won a
"HOP or FWF Prize".

{please claim your prize within 2 weeks}

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