Happy Monday!

Before we get down to business I have some news for you!

Starting next Monday all of the weekly winners
including for the Thursday Blog Hop will be posted here.

So starting next Monday this will be your one-stop place to see
Hop winners, Friday Fun Day winners, and FWF winners.

Now for last week's winners.
For all of you loyal Unity supporters who liked, commented on, or shared
the Unity posts from Facebook on Friday, the winners are...

Jason DeMoe
Amy Jones Bagley
Alisha Ann
Suzie Alfaro Campbell
Stasia Sloma
Logan Claar
La-Lette Arnold
Valerie Peek Breingan
Jennifer Luna Mark
Amanda Harne
Janice Menard
Dixie Curry
Connie Timms
Silvia Resendez
Brenda Jane Bobon
Brenda Crawford
Angela Rhyne
Lisa Whittemore
Laurie Gregg
Glenda Jones

We appreciate your continued support.

Now on to Friends with Flair. We had 38 beautiful entries.
Just want you all to know that even though we can only post one
winner here, each and every entry is a winner in our book.

The posting winner is Doreen


The commenting winner from Crystal's blog

is Dawn Fields who said
Pretty card!

So all of you Friday FUN Day winners and Doreen and Dawn
need to do the following to claim your prize.

Include your Full Name and Address.
Also mention you won a
"Friends with Flair or Friday Fun Day Prize".
{please claim your prize within 2 weeks}

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