mushrooms, owls, and KOTM

Hello my wonderful friends!
Can you believe it is already NOVEMBER??? Yikes! Where did my year go?  

I live in the Pacific northwest, and each year, round about this time, we start getting these popping up all over our yard...
They can get pretty big too!

Truth is, I kinda like them. I know, I know… weed, bad, yada yada… but I think they are pretty. They have this beautiful color and texture, and I can imagine tiny little fairies playing under them, can't you?

So, when I saw this awesome guy in the new Kit Of The Month, it just made me smile.
I have to admit, I have never actually seen an owl using one of our mushrooms as an umbrella.(although, it might win as one of the MOST adorable things I've ever seen if it happened! LOL!)

Check out all the AMAZING images & phrases on this new KOTM What Lies Within Us! Isn't it beautiful?

And guess what? It can be your's if you sign up for the KOTM by clicking HERE. Honestly, $26 bucks for a whole 8.5x11 sheet of rubber stamps is an AWESOME deal!

Have a spectacular November everyone!