a little LOL...

Hello my wonderful friends!  

Happy Saturday! 
I can't decide if this week was way LONG, or when by pretty darn fast??? Oh, well, I say CHEERS to the weekend!

This month's Layers of Life {LOL}, is pretty much gorgeous!

This is ONLY available to those who are a member of the LOL kit club. Check out the whole kit…

LOL is only $11.99/month (that includes shipping! International is $17.79)
 Seriously AWESOME deal!  I {LOVE} the LOL kits! They are so fabulous for SO many things! 

We've also got SMAK kit club… this one is geared towards Scrapbooks, Mixed media, and Altered art…but ya know, if you are a carmaker… it's got some great stuff! This is a FULL 8.5x11 sheet of rubber, and believe me, they cram those images in there to make sure you get your moneys worth! Check it out HERE

Did you know that you can check out Unity on Pinterest? Yeah… and guess what? If you are a member of any of the clubs, you will find boards that are DEDICATED to each club… TONS of inspiration in one place, just for you!  Check it out HERE!

And don't forget, we've got some awesome sales, deals, and new releases over at the Unity store, so go shop!

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