Unity Happenings...

Did you know?

There are TONS of things always going on at Unity.
Lots of inspiration on the blog, Facebook, challenges, PRIZES and more.
So much, it is hard to keep track. 

I thought I'd do a little series of posts with what is happening
in Unityland to keep you all in the know.

So, you'll see a few posts from me regarding 
Unity Happenings throughout the month.

First UP... 

Did you know we have one?
It is different from the blog updates.
It has all the information regarding the sales and specials
happening on the unitystampco.com website.

Plus some great inspiration, bonus tutorials and stuff.
It is a great way to keep tabs on what amazing 
sales and promos going on.

This weekend our newsletter members received a 
special 50% off code to use on regularly prized stamps.

Nifty right!
If you haven't signed up yet,
you still can.
GO HERE - http://bit.ly/1o2dovD
To sign up.
There will be another newsletter sent out with the code tomorrow.

I'll have some other fun things to point out
in the upcoming weeks.
Hope you'll find them helpful. 

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