Happy Monday!

For those of you who might have seen a little sneak peek
of this earlier - I apologize.  My female Labrador (Lucy)
came by for some attention and jarred my arm causing this
to post for just a moment.  Hope you enjoyed the anticipation-LOL!

Time to announce the winners from Friday Fun Day and Friends with Flair.
From all of you loyal Unity supporters who liked, commented on, or shared
the Unity posts from Facebook on Friday, the winners are...

Diana Slaughter
Arla Wildeboer-Stuefen
Belinda Keller
Debbie Dunn Allred
Helen Smith
Cheri Hinds
Patricia Grieve
Charlana Brown
Cindi Hoppes
Tiffany Trumm Jorgenson
Elizabeth Lumsden
Leah Smith
Fran Badalamenti Heupel
Lisa Cmay Wolfe
Jenny Skroski
Cherry Ransom
Paulette Owens
Marlene Gilbertson Aulenbacher
Trisha L. Hargis
April Floyd

We appreciate your continued support.

Now on to Friends with Flair. We had 24 awesome entries.
Just want you all to know that even though we can only post
one winner here, each and every entry is a winner in our book.
The posting winner is Barb Thompson

...and the commenting winner is Carol L
who said on Mary Anne's blog


What a fun card using all those flowers, buttons and brads!
Great coloring on those flowers too! Happy Friday :)

So all of you Friday FUN Day winners and Barb and Carol
need to do the following to claim your prize.

Include your Full Name and Address.
Also mention you won a
"Friends with Flair or Friday Fun Day Prize".
{please claim your prize within 2 weeks}


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