SOTW- Lil Peep Under the Weather

Hello my fabulous Unity PEEPS!

It's Sunday.... which means........'s time for a NEW SOTW!!!!

Can we just say ADORABLE?!?

My parents got some chicks this spring. My little dog has TOTALLY fallen in love with them, and has decided that they are now her pack. She wants to go see them EVERY day. I'm really not sure how the chickens feel about this, but let's just say those chicks are in excellent running condition! It makes me laugh to watch them running from one side of the run to the other as my dog races excitedly back and forth on the other side of the wire. Poor little peeps. :)

Anyway... back to stamps...

And cuz' I know you LOVE seeing awesome inspiration to get those creative juices flowing... the DT is here to help!

Seriously cute stuff from the DT, huh!

The only way to get this adorable stamp set is to sign up for Unity's Stamp of the Week club by clicking HERE.... ya know ya wanna!

For those peeps who are already members... keep an eye on that mailbox, cuz' this cutie is headed your way!

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